Thursday, August 29, 2013

Grub Club: The Grill Place

 Tonight we had the smallest Grub Club on the official record (unofficially, our first two, when it was just PE, Engrish, and I were smaller).  This is, unfortunately one of the drawbacks of limiting the "membership" to just a few lucky individuals.  But we lucked out a little, since the menu of this week's find was pretty small, itself.

Back in June I joined the UB Foodies group on Facebook.  I have never considered myself to be a true "foodie," because I don't have the snobbery that goes with it; I just love to eat.  But Engrish was on there, and she recommended it to me, and since I was starting to worry about running out of restaurants I went ahead and joined.  Well, the Foodies have been a wellspring of information.  I learned about Round Table Pizza and Joe's Corner thanks to them.  I learned about two events that will feature on this weekend's blog, thanks to them.  And in the last week, one of them posted about the restaurant that became Engrish's pick for tonight: The Grill Place.
The Grill Place came up as one Foodie's recommendation because it was cheap and good.  They have an interesting menu.  They have salads and soups, burgers and curry, and "tacos."  It's not exactly an accurate description - if you want a real, Tex-Mex taco, you will be sorely disappointed! - but they are not bad, although they could use a little something to juice them up, maybe salsa or sour cream.  Each taco is only 1500 tugrugs, but be ready to order more.  Each of the slices above is one "taco."  When the waitress put them in front of me, I assumed they were all mine, but no.  Two were mine, and two were Geek's.

Engrish ordered the broccoli soup and chicken curry, as shown in the top photo.  I don't do broccoli, so I didn't try the soup, but it seems that the soups were a bit of a let down.  The curry, on the other hand, had a decent flavor, and came served with rice.
Squeaker had a fried chicken thing and chicken soup, which was creamy and kind of bland.  Adding salt and pepper improved it, but not much.  The chicken was delicious, but she skipped the pineapple, and only ate her veggies because Geek promised we'd go back to the State Department Store and buy her a beautiful new leather trenchcoat if she finished them.
Since I'd been told the tacos were not substantial (and how!) I went for their chicken wrap as well.  It was a kind of chicken-stuffed-with-lettuce-and-bacon-and fried-in-batter sorta dish.  It was delicious, but pretty greasy, but at least the salad that came with it made it feel a little more healthy.  I also had my second coke of the day (I am trying to get back on the 1-a-day wagon, but about every other day I get a headache around lunch, and I didn't want to spend my favorite classes kneading my head in pain) and a strawberry shake, which was not as delicious as the one at AB&F, but was better than the shake at Millie's.

The grand total for four of us stuffing our faces like...well, like a teacher who just got paid for the last time for the next two months?  49,000 tugrugs, which is pretty fantastic when you consider the conversion rate.  It wouldn't buy Squeaker a second cow (coat), it wouldn't even buy me the vest I wanted if it had been there and in my size when we went back (damn it), but let's just say that if I'd known about this place over the summer, my meager savings would have gone a lot further.  But then, what would I have written about in lieu of my Grub at Home posts???

The Grill Place is on Sukhbaatar Street (the one running on the west side of the square), on the west side of the street, within the block north of the former Natural History Museum.

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