Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grub Club: Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca

What the hell is an enoteca?  I had to look this up.  According to Wikipedia, an enoteca is a wine repository.  It's an Italian word, which I guess is fitting, since Rosewood's "new" restaurant is an Italian place.  In other words...THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES - GRUB CLUB IS BACK! 

I wanted to take everybody to Rosewood Kitchen for my last choice before school let out, but they foiled my attempt to snatch the best restaurant prize from myself (Khajuraho for the win!) by not being open for dinner.  However, I saw a post on the UB Foodies Facebook page within the last month that said they were open now, and since Engrish was ready to start things again and I finally got paid (thank goodness the finance office didn't want to pay two groups of teachers on two different schedules!) I decided that it was the place to kick of Grub Club 2013-2014.

The staff were friendly as they moved some tables to seat the six of us (yes, we've shrunk a little - Engrish and I decided that we needed to limit our numbers, since ten people dining together was unwieldy, to say the least) and took our drink orders.  They brought the drinks with some delicious bread and even brought us oil and vinegar, which held us over until our first dishes started to arrive (not a long wait, I must say).  There were quite a few Caesars that came to our table, and mine was fantastic.  Engrish decided to order the bruschetta, which came piled with tomatoes at least an inch thick.  The flavor of it was incredible - savor and sweet and olive-oil-ish all rolled into one.  I'll definitely order that one next time.  Geek and Squeaker - one of our inductees - ordered garlic bread which was also nice, but not on the same level as the bruschetta.  And yes, clearly we needed LOTS of carbs.  Teaching damn well takes it out of you!

Mad Science went a little more out there.  She started with this fried artichoke dish.  I don't even have words to describe it.  There were so many layers of flavor in it...Bacon.  Artichoke.  Lemon. 

Yeah, I had you at bacon, didn't I?

She also went for the Australian Steak Tartare, and not just because she's an Aussie herself.  Mad Science apparently likes her food bloody and raw.  The rest of us were a little scared of this dish, but Engrish tried it and had to admit it was good, while Mad Science loved it so much that when it was time for us to assign ratings for the food, she gave it a 9, which is pretty great considering we're just starting back up.
Our other newbie, Blondie, ordered a panini.  She was a little ashamed of it, to be ordering a sandwich at a kinda nice Italian place, but we assured her there was nothing to be ashamed of - especially when Mad Science ordered parmesan fries on impulse and I had actually been considering the paninis myself because they had pesto on them.  It looked delicious, and she had leftovers for tomorrow.
I think the best dish by far was the orecchiette that Geek and Engrish both ordered.  I thought about that one, too, before deciding on the mushroom linguine.  I chose poorly.  The sausage was delicious and I would have preferred the orecchiette over the linguine, just because I don't generally care for stringy pastas.  We all ordered the small portions, which it turns out were huge, especially when we'd been loading up on bread all night.

The total for the six of us came just short of 200,000 tugrugs.  I managed to only spend 22,000 of that, mostly because of the fact that I don't drink.  I'm loving the conversion rate right now, because the school pays us in dollars, so even though my salary is spread out over 12 months this year instead of ten, I make about the same amount in tugrugs as I did last year.  That made my dinner tonight less than fifteen bucks, which is not bad at all for a salad, pasta, and two cans of coke.  My wine-bibbing friends didn't fare as well - the wines in this repository didn't come cheap, but seemed to be enjoyed by those that had them. 

Rosewood Kitchen is a little hard to find.  It's just off Seoul Street, but there's no sign.  There was a sign when they first opened, which is how I knew where they were, but you're going to have to take a leap of faith to get there.  On Seoul Street there's kind of a fenced ger compound on the south side of the street.  To the left of the compound is a light colored building, the Mandala Building (if you don't read Cyrillic, you might identify it by the shiny golden mandala on the top of the building).  On the ground floor is a row of tinted windows (which don't do a lot of good when the sun is going down right in your eyes), and a door on the right end of this.  When you go in the door, go through the door on your left, and you're basically there.  You'll know you're in the right place by the pig statue just outside the restaurant, which doesn't have a sign even in its immediate entrance.


  1. You're killing me. How do I live in a mostly dry city and you live in the land of vodka and a wine repository or shall I say an enoceta? Now, the real question... Did the sour apple martini mix make a comeback?

  2. Haven't seen it yet, but since I FINALLY got paid, I haven't looked. It just reminds me too much of what I've lost... :-(