Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grub Club: Ambrosia

Our newbies' grace period is over.  Tonight was the first time Blondie had to pick a restaurant.  She kept it fairly simple - we go past Ambrosia just about every time we go downtown, and they're supposed to have salsa dancing on the weekend, so she decided it was time to check it out.
Honestly, I was a little worried.  Looking through the menu, there wasn't that much I was particularly interested in.  I decided to go for their Caesar, while Engrish went for the Greek.  I think I made the better choice - mine at least looked like a Caesar, unlike Engrish's, which didn't bear any sort of resemblance to a Greek.  Has the chef ever even seen a Greek salad?  Probably not.  Does that mean it was bad?  Actually, spite of the fact that it tasted nothing like a Greek, Engrish liked it a lot.  I had to say the same of the Caesar, although the green dressing was a little weird.
For my main, I went for the carbonara.  The pasta was fettuccine, which I actually never order, but it's better than spaghetti (any pasta's better than spaghetti).  The sauce was pretty good, but not in the same class as Bene Bene.  What I actually should have ordered, was this:
The spicy chicken dish that Geek chose.  It had a nice bit of kick wrapped up in a nice, flavorful sauce.  The chicken was a bit fatty-skinny, but the overall quality of the dish more than made up for it.
Whereas Blondie (predictably) went for a sandwich, which also had me going, "Ooh, that's what I should have had," when it came out.  The fact that what we ordered ended up being more appetizing when we got it than it was on the menu probably means they need to work on their menu.  Part of the issue is the fact that every item was listed in Cyrillic and English, which made it a bit of work to read through.

We were joined tonight by our first male Grubbie of the 2013-2014 school year, Coach.  He got "lost" looking for the Noodle House last week (ie, he didn't walk far enough down Peace Avenue), but he managed to find Ambrosia (in spite of the fact that Blondie never answers her phone).  He had food, and I even made Engrish take a picture of it, but you're missing out on it because I honestly have no idea what it was - he was sitting at the other end of the table.  But he made a great addition to the party, even if he has such a dry sense of humor that I'd think he was British in a former life, if I believed in reincarnation.

And speaking of things I don't believe in...if you look closely in the photo of my pasta, you'll see a very tiny vodka bottle.  No, I haven't started drinking.  However, Mongolia is famous for its vodka, and one company has very ingeniously marketed it in different bottles for each aimag (province).  Originally I was only going to buy the ones for the aimags I've visited, but I haven't been to that many, and I really like the swans on the Sukhbaatar bottle (remember last week when I mentioned I wanted to stay to see that next year?)  Fortunately I have plenty of friends who are willing to be my designated drinkers, and I have ironically become the person who may or may not have a special ingredient to add to your coke in the event that it's the first of the month.  You may well wonder what the hell I'm going to do with a collection of tiny vodka bottles.  I plan to put flowers in them, of course.  That won't be a problem for a good six months, but when spring finally gets sprung next June, I'll be ready!

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