Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grub Club: Broadway

I'm not going to lie to you: I'm kind of over the "one-size-fits-all" hodge-podge restaurants.  We've had quite enough of those in round one of this year's Grub Club, and if Coach doesn't end up taking up next week's challenge (this week he got lost...again...) I know where I'm taking us (well, one of two places I might be taking us, anyways, and both of them are very distinctive cuisines).

So when we walked past Broadway two weeks back and Squeaker said, "I think I'll take us there," I wasn't thrilled.  I wanted something adventurous, because that's what Grub Club is all about, bitches!  But far be it from me to discourage anyone (other than my students, anyways...kidding!  I love them all dearly and desperately want them to succeed), so I told her, "Yeah, you can take us there."  It was somewhere I'd never been and it probably didn't suck, so why not?

There were lots of possibilities on the menu, but everything looked REALLY heavy (no surprise there - it IS Mongolia), so most of us decided to start with a salad.  This week I thought I'd try the Greek, and Broadway did a pretty good job with it - they got all the right veggies and even had a nice, crumbly feta.  What on earth were they thinking with the dressing, though?!?  It reminded me of honey mustard and the salad was literally drenched in it.  Olive oil and balsamic, guys.  It's not that hard.
Geek went for a variety of starters.  These were her potato wedges.  She liked her salad and chicken, but hardly touched these.  They were big pieces of potato, covered with that crunchy sort of breadcrumb stuff, so there was no WAY I was helping her with them.  But this meant that she had lunch for tomorrow.

As did I.  I went for the beef lasagna, and it was okay.  It did not knock my socks off, but it was good enough that I brought it home for tomorrow's lunch, something I don't normally do.  In the background you can see Blondie's salmon steak, which she loved, giving the food yet another nine. 

What did knock my socks off was the strawberry shake I impulsively ordered after deciding I was done with dinner.  I saw one of the waitresses take one out to another table, and decided I had to try one.  It was gorgeous.  Well, when I got the right one, it was - at first she tried to serve me a chocolate one, in spite of the fact that everyone heard me say strawberry and I even pointed on the menu.  The shake alone might make Broadway my new hang-out-and-kill time place.  But that's not all, folks.  As we were filling out our record book, the live music started up - a piano and violin duet.  It was lovely, and I kind of loved the ambiance, even if it was a little quirky at times.

I actually can't believe that it's almost time for fall break.  We're six weeks into school as of tomorrow, with one more week til Geek, Engrish, and I head off for Olgii's Eagle Festival.  And that would be just another reason to stay another year - I know summer will be here before I'm ready to leave.  And Engrish keeps letting me buy plants...either she wants me to stay or she's hoping to inherit a lot when I leave.

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