Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grub Club: The Noodle House

Mad Science made her first choice of the school year tonight and took us to The Noodle House, which is represented on the website she looked on as Japanese, while the menu says it is Chinese.  It DID have a couple of Japanese dishes, but for those of us hoping for some ramen (Blondie), it was a bitter disappointment, especially coupled with the fact that they didn't serve alcohol.
Don't let that turn you off, though - the Noodle House has much to recommend it.  Let's start with the prices, which were extremely reasonable (probably a good thing, since we've got 8 days til payday).  Then there was the fried rice.  This was Squeaker's, which I kept nibbling off of (I also nibbled off Blondie's, because I'm greedy like that).  Nights like tonight make me miss Five.  A lot. She would have LOVED this rice.  I loved this rice.  It was salty and delicious and went fantastic with a nice, cold Coke (any day now, Coca-Cola of Mongolia!)  Five would have had to have a second coke with this rice, and she would have been up all night.
The title dish - the noodles - were pretty fantastic, too.  I went for the small portion, which was more than enough to fill me up.  They were very reminiscent of the Taiwanese beef noodles that Meen took me out for in Shanghers.  Engrish and I both tried them, and proclaimed them delicious, although not quite enough to make up for the kind of shabby-chic (that's sarcasm) ambiance they had going on.
We've been to a few Chinese restaurants in town by now, and the last time we tried the seasoned cucumbers which weren't from The Bull, we regretted it.  Geek decided to give them a shot here, and they were perfect.  They had a bit of sour and salty, laced with a spicy underpinning.  
But not everything was a winner.  The pan-fried dumplings in the menu looked great, and did not resemble the ones pictured above in the least.  In fact, these had mutton in them, and after last Sunday's tsuivan (mutton and noodles) in Sansar, the smell of them was enough to stop me in my tracks.  We didn't even make a dent in them, and Engrish was concerned they weren't going to be enough (good thing somebody remembered us ordering too many dumplings when we went to Ba Shu 888!)  My doufu, on the other hand, was pretty good, although the beef that came with it was not quite right.  It was very tender...a little TOO tender, like a man that is just a little too in-touch with his feminine side.  Blondie went with her standby - chicken with peanuts, aka Kung Pao Chicken - and that was what I should have ordered.  It wasn't overly oily, and the bits of red chili were neither too big or too numerous.

Overall it was a good find - I'll definitely go back there, not least of all because it has a great location, in the block of Peace Avenue west of UB Department Store.  However, do your business before you go.  Engrish checked out their loo, and reported that it was a squatter.  Which may give you that authentic Chinese feel, but so does the runs, and I want neither of those things!

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