Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grub Club: Revolution

Today is a day that I hoped Grub Club would never see.  Today we went to a restaurant that was "discovered" by a colleague who would come far below Al Qaeda on my list of dinner invitees, because, frankly, I'd have more to talk to them about and I'd feel less sleazy afterwards.  This person tried to take credit for discovering the Shashlik House, but not until tonight could he claim to have had any influence on us.  That's because he makes me want to vomit, and just about everyone that I hang out with knows exactly how full of shit he is, and has almost as little tolerance for him as I do (precisely none).  But several people that I DO enjoy hanging out with have been to Revolution, largely because of said Sleazoid, and this led Geek to decide this would be her choice for this week's grub club.  Shouts go to her FOR BREAKING OUR DAMN STREAK!!!  >sarcasm<

I'm not a tolerant person.  I never claimed to be.  I try not to let my dislike of people make me do mean things, other than a vague sort of exclusivity when it comes to the people with whom I'd like to have dinner (or, you know, talk to for more than one sentence).  But when somebody tells one of my friends that people don't invite them to do things because they think she only hangs out with me, it tends to make me a bit tetchy.  So if the lovely wife of this person is reading my blog (she may be, she asked for the address a while back), please don't be offended by my comments.  I think you're awesome, but I don't want him to have anything to do with my dinner club, because he kind of makes me feel gross.

But anyways.

So Revolution it was for tonight.  I think revolution was meant to be a theme as well as their name, because there were pictures of Bastille in the room where we were seated.  It wasn't particularly revolutionary, except that they seem to be the final bastion for smokers in UB; as we were wrapping up our meal smoke was wafting over the air, which may explain why he is so keen on the place.  The food took forever to be served, and when we were trying to order the waiter wandered off before we could all order.  We had to call him back twice before we all got our requests in.  Ordering a drink seemed to throw him off...but then again, perhaps it was the fact that we wanted starters AND mains (and who needs that much food???)

Whatever the case may be, it took some doing to get our order in.  I thought I might make it for the first Indie Thursday at Bliss in about a month, but we were still waiting for food at 20 til eight, which is bad considering we all there by 5 after six.  And, sad to say, I didn't think the food was worth the wait, although Blondie gave her burger an outstanding nine.
Most of us started with a salad.  Engrish's was supposed to have all sorts of delicious things in it, but came out without the noodles or...something else it was supposed to have.  Not a great start.  Her main course, the jerk chicken, came out at the same time, and while it was good, it was not as spicy as she would have liked.  Also, she was finished with all of her food before the rest of us had gotten any of ours.

My Greek salad came with way too much lettuce and not any feta (pita cheese, according to the menu) at all.  I can make a nicer Greek salad with my eyes closed.  Blondie's chili chicken salad, on the other hand, was a savory blend of flavors with just the right amount of kick and Squeaker's Caesar was great, with nice big shavings of parmesan cheese.  Her satay chicken was disappointing, though - no peanut sauce.  Instead, it had sweet and sour chili sauce. The lasagna was the talk of the girls last week, so I went for that as a main.  It didn't suck, but it had a slightly strange flavor blended into the mix, like someone was trying to make it taste a little more Italian sausagey without actually having the right herbs.  I'll stick with Veranda's lasagna for my money, even if it means waiting and waiting for a seat.
I decided early on that the ice cream and hot brownie would make a great dessert, and it wasn't bad, but it crumbled a lot more than I would have liked.  I think what I was really craving was Bene Bene's chocolate fondant cake, which I guess means I'm going to have to make it back to Le Bistrot Français one of these days, since it's just about as close as you can get without a ticket to Shanghers.

However, this could have been the worst grub club on record* and it would have been a great day for me.  The ironically named Good Price has cherry coke again - cue the Hallelujah chorus!  It's a little late for me to bring it to Mother Rock, but considering how that wish turned out, it would have been a waste of precious ambrosia anyway, so that's all for the best.  However, we are heading out to the countryside this weekend, and since we are planning to strongarm Enkhe into stopping by the stone phallus in Kharkhorin along the way (when she went to Kharkhorin, Geek's driver wouldn't take her), maybe I can find a better use for it.  Regardless, it's going to be a great weekend.

*it isn't.  That honor still remains with Fearless Leader, even if his feckless ass unfriended me for some unknown reason.  However, I do feel that the association with aforementioned Sleazoid did cause a drop in the ratings for Geek.

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