Friday, October 18, 2013

Grub Club: Mexikhan

I should've been DYING to come home and write this blog last night.  Instead, I had a hard time convincing myself to take my shower before bedtime.  We've taken a nosedive into autumn, and this week, I had to give up on walking on the track every morning so I could sleep in a little longer and hit the treadmill instead.  It's kind of depressing. 
Anyways, with that lovely introduction...last night Engrish chose Mexikhan for Grub Club.  Mexikhan is UB's first real Mexican restaurant.  Yes, Los Bandidos has been here awhile, but if you are serving curry at your restaurant you aren't a real Mexican place.  Mexikhan, on the other hand, didn't have a single Indian item on the menu.  Well, actually they were missing quite a few items on their menu - they haven't worked out all their supply issues for tortilla dishes, but that's apparently why they call it a "soft opening."  We ordered the dips for an appetizer, and the salsa and guacamole were fantastic (the black bean...meh, slightly less so), but they came served with nacho cheese Doritos.  I kinda thought they shoulda at least gone for the black bean Tostitos, but as it turns out, those have disappeared from the shelves, and this girl got the last bag of them tonight at Good Price.
Anyways, Squeaker and Blondie were having a mind-meld last night, and both ordered the taco salad, a move they were pretty happy with.  Apparently it was dee-lish.
I, on the other hand, had the chile rellenos.  I was surprised and happy to see them, and although I would have liked them to be a little bit more salty and spicy, I was pretty happy with how they turned out.
Geek ordered the chili con carne, which had about a bajillion ingredients in it, and she devoured it.  Engrish went for a chicken dish, which she kept calling po-lo instead of pollo (Canadians, eh?)

How good was the food?  This might have been the quietest Grub Club on record.  No gossiping about colleagues.  No telling stories about students.  And NO sharing food!  Normally everyone (well, not always me) asks, "Does anyone want to try a bite of this?"  Yep, not tonight.  If anyone had even looked at my chile rellenos, I might have forked them.
I had been looking forward to this place since I found out there was a Mexican place in the works.  How did I know it wasn't going to be a complete disappointment?  Because they promised to serve churros.  HELL YES.  The menu says churros y chocolat, but they also came with a caramel sauce, and thank goodness for that because the caramel sauce might have been the most amazing thing all night.  I actually cleaned the dish out with my finger after I finished the churros.  Don't judge.

I don't usually talk about service in my grub club posts, because service in Asia is usually a joke.  When you want something in a restaurant in Asia, you usually push a button or yell out for your server.  In fact, one of the more popular restaurants with expats, California's, has poor service as their constant drawback - it's hard to get the servers' attention, and they never stop by to ask how things are going.  However, you can tell that the owner of Mexikhan has worked really hard to develop this in his restaurant.  The servers were really attentive to us, and worked hard to clarify any misunderstandings due to language.  I got there a little while before my friends, and I heard him coaching his staff about what they should be doing during "down time."  He also came over and talked to us personally while we were eating. 

Mexikhan is more or less across the street from Guantanamera, except not really.  It's in the Regency apartments, which are also on the New Road, just before the bridge, but on the north side of the street.  Bring lots of money, or a friend who's flush with cash (hi, Blondie!), because it doesn't come cheap, but it's worth every tugrug!  And be sure to make a reservation - 7702 0990 is their number - because they were booked up on Friday night.


  1. Awesome review! Makes my mouth water. I will go check this place out.

    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I was just there on Thursday night - they still don't have dishes with tortillas, unfortunately, but otherwise as amazing as ever.