Friday, November 1, 2013

Grub Club: Bluefin Steakhouse

So I've been trying to make myself write this post since Wednesday night, but this week has gotten crazy.  We had grub club on our old night, Wednesday, because Thursday some people had parent-teacher conferences, while others got suckered into chaperoning.  In fact, most of my craziness this week can be chalked up to the fact that I'm a sucker for my students.  If they weren't so awesome, I might not have bothered with a Halloween costume, I might not have agreed to chaperone, I might not have agreed to bake cookies for their fundraising sale, and...well, actually, worrying about having a display up for Friday's parent-teacher conferences wasn't directly about my students.  It was directly about impressing their parents and our that hopefully I'll have some leverage to do a big show with them in a gallery later in the year.  Details, details.
So, Squeaker picked a restaurant she'd been to called the Bluefin Steakhouse.  I had misgivings about the name.  When eating at a place called Bluefin Steakhouse, it is a good guess that beef is NOT what's for dinner.  They had steak, it is true, but they had more seafood than they did steak.  In some cases, it was good - Blondie liked her seafood salad and Engrish and I enjoyed their Philly rolls - but not in others.  Blondie also had their ahi tuna, which wasn't pan-seared like she was expecting but raw, making it a HUGE disappointment.
I started off in a very sour mood because the pina colada I ordered was basically a tasteless glass of ice.  Blech.  A coke and a decent pulled pork sandwich put me in a better mood, although the pulled pork had too much coleslaw on it (any coleslaw at all is too much...Engrish ended up eating it after I scraped it off).  This restaurant's redemption, however, really boiled down to one thing:  desserts.
Banana tempura (Geek's choice)
Chocolate cheesecake (Squeaker's choice)
And mine: Snowflake cake.  White cake with creamy white frosting sprinkled with finely grated coconut, and for once, balls.  Not actual balls - they'd taken a truffle and cut it in half to adorn the back of the cake.  It just happened to look like...well, never mind what it looked like, it tasted like Heaven.

Would I go back?  Probably not.  The food was decent but pricey, and it's a little out of the way (down the street from the Kempinski as you walk toward the black market).  But don't take my word for it.  If you're in the neighborhood, go check it out.

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