Friday, November 22, 2013

Grub Club: Korchma? Again???

So if you feel like you've got déjà vu all over again as you're reading this post, don't feel bad.  You've read about Korchma before.  It was Five's last pick last year, before she decided she needed to save her money for saintly things like volunteering in Peru and Bhutan.  Prior to walking into the restaurant on Wednesday, neither me, Geek, or Engrish (who chose it) knew that the restaurant we were going to was, in fact, essentially Korchma in a different location.  But the decor and the menu were a pretty quick giveaway.
You might be surprised how different an experience the same restaurant can be.  They gave us a freebie starter here!  Nevermind the fact that it was slices of a fairly hard bread with mustard and slices of pork fat...  At first Champ (one of our two recent inductees) was the only one who would try it, but then Engrish decided to man up, and I figured if SHE could stomach it, so could I.  (Friendly advice: mustard and salt makes anything palatable).
We ordered a few other starters.  I hate potatoes, as you know if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, but I enjoyed their latkes (main rule of potatoes for Becky the Great: make them cease to resemble potatoes.  Done and done).  This was one of Geek's picks.  I have no idea what it actually was.  Looks like bacon, doesn't it, but it had a fair amount of sweetness to it, and was stuffed with what everyone kept calling coleslaw, but was actually cheddar cheese and - tomatoes? - in sour cream?  Whatever it was, it was pretty tasty.
Geek also got the cabbage rolls.  I didn't try them - maybe next time.  This time I went for the chicken Kiev, which is exactly the same thing I got when Five took us to Korchma, so I'm not including a picture of it.  It was still about the most delectable thing on the table, as far as I'm concerned.
Engrish and Squeaker (I think) both went for the sausage.  Do I have to call it kielbasa?  I feel like I should, but I'm not sure if that's the right name for Ukrainian sausage.  It looked every bit as greasy as you'd expect Ukrainian food to look, but they sure enjoyed it.
Finally, we have Geek's fried potatoes.  Except for the huge chunks of lard, they reminded me of the potatoes Vasilis' mother fried when I visited Bronte in Greece two trips back, so maybe I had to sneak one off her plate, and it was gorgeous.  Is it possible that I'm growing up and starting to accept potatoes as part of my diet????

Don't count on it.

This Korchma is on the north-east corner of Beijing Street and Tokyo Street, and since that explanation would pretty much ensure Blondie and people like her who don't know their cardinal directions never found their way back, it's catty-corner from the Chinggis Hotel.

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