Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grub Club: Miko

I never liked sushi.  The all-you-can-eat teppanyaki places in Shanghai were like my gateway drug in regards to raw fish, but it wasn't until we went to Sho this spring that I could say that I actually liked it. 
I went back to Sho.  A lot.  And it wasn't just for their hot sushi chef.  Thus you might be able to imagine my horror when I tried to go there on my very lonely birthday and they were closed.  I was even more horrified when they were closed the next time I tried to go there.  I haven't been back, but I'm working under the assumption that Sho is one more page in the history of restaurants in UB.  :-(  Of course there are a couple of other places in town, but I loved the selection at Sho, and none of the other places I'd been had so many different rolls with so many things in them.

That changed last night.  Word on the UB Foodies street was that Miko sushi, newly reopened just south of the circus, was amazing, and I decided I needed to try it.  Three of us now have worked in Japan, so that was a little nerve-wracking (do other people feel nervous taking me to Korean places???  They should!) but it was well-received.  Engrish, who is FINALLY off her cabbage soup cleanse (blech!) started with the salad at the top, which was tasty and refreshing.  Geek, who-hates-anything-from-the-ocean-and-yes-I-knew-that-going-into-it-but-she-has-managed-to-cope-with-sushi-before-hell-she-was-the-one-who-picked-Sho (deep breath), went for the tempura veggies and some sort of chicken.  The chicken wasn't that great - our former Japanese residents couldn't remember what it was, and that's never a good sign - but that's what happens sometimes when you go for the less obvious choice.
We passed around a couple of orders of gyoza, Japanese pan-fried dumplings.  These are something Engrish, Blondie, and I routinely get at our ramen joint after our Tuesday night massages.  The ones at Miko were pretty tasty, although I think I still prefer Oishi Ramen's.
But of COURSE, the main event was the sushi, which apparently comes served on a boat and/or a bridge when you order enough of it.  I ended up having two rolls - Miko's UB roll (fried with cream cheese and salmon) and their Moscow (salmon, crab...uh....some other stuff....)  Originally I only ordered the UB roll, because I wasn't sure what else I would like (and I'd just gobbled up a Cinnabon on my way over from Good Price, where they are now being sold), but then I tried Engrish's Moscow and it was so scrumptious that I decided I should have one, too.  I'm pretty sure that sushi is healthy enough for you that you can pig out on it and not need to feel too guilty.  We were all feeling pleasantly stuffed when the sushi chef brought out one more roll - I want to call it a rainbow roll, but that may just be because I've done a lot of printmaking lately - and apologized while informing us they needed our table at 7:30.  We happily gobbled it up and paid our bill.

Do I still miss Sho?  Absolutely.  Their salmon citrus was the stuff of my new sushi dreams.  Also, they had a spicy one, I think they called it a Mexicana or something, with a little tempuraed fish inside, not to mention their hot sushi chef.  But at least I now have a place to go when the sushi cravings I never thought I'd have hit.


  1. I remember reading US volunteers newspaper interview in UB in 1992 that they were kind of shocked that there is almost nothing to eat except few spaghetties for someone from west but compare to that 1992 Fronteersmen volunteers latest US volunteers are kind of experiencing luxurious conditions he he. Thanks for these posts!

    1. My principal from the year I taught in Bahrain had a similar experience - she said that she and her husband were excited when they lived in UB and were actually able to find butter! Happily things have changed, and although I am glad I can find good food, it also makes me sad that fast food like KFC is making it into the country. The price of progress, I guess. Thanks for reading!