Friday, December 13, 2013

Grub Club: Los Angeles

The time has finally come for one of our two newest members to make a pick for Grub Club, so Champ stepped up.  She had lofty aspirations of stealing the top score, a delirium possibly brought on by the food poisoning she seemed to have gotten at Caucasia, which is still in second place.  However, I wasn't too worried.  See, I've been to Los Angeles, early in my time in UB, and although they have remodeled, it seemed like the same old place with new lights and fixtures.

Anywho.  Geek got things started with this taco soup.  It was okay, but what she was really impressed with was her drink.  It was...well, I don't know what it was.  It was supposed to have both coffee liqueur and Irish creme in it, but she asked them to leave out the coffee in exchange for more Bailey's, and ended up falling in love.
In a continuing search to find a halfway decent Caesar in UB, I ordered exactly that.  It had all the right parts, but was missing the zing that I associate with Caesar dressing.  Maybe next time.  I actually did NOT get a coke this week, but instead ordered what they called a "Cherry Coco," which was a smoothie-ish drink without (of course) alcohol.  For my main dish, I had a penne alfredo sort of dish.  Except, they served it with spaghetti (blech!) instead of penne, because they ran out, but didn't bother to ask me if that was okay, so that took my ratings down a notch.

What I end up taking pictures of depends a lot on by whom I am sitting.  This week it was Geek.  She also had chicken burritos.  I've more or less given up on Mexican food here, unless I made it myself or Mexikhan finally starts serving dishes with tortillas, so I don't imagine it was too fantastic, especially since they served it with fries instead of tortilla chips.  What a waste.  However, it was, at least, nice and juicy, so it could definitely have been worse.

Geek is just about as fat as a chopstick, and if you wonder where she puts all the food she orders, the answer is "In a take-out box for the next day's lunch and/or supper."  Except when you have leftover soup, you can't put it in a box.  I've seen some pretty genius take-out solutions, but I think tonight's took the cake:

Yes, that IS an empty jar, filled with soup.

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  1. I'm glad we didn't miss this one. LA has the atmosphere idea going for it (though Pepper always felt it was too formal) but the food was just ok - especially with California and The Bull so close!