Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grub Club: Namaste

My pre-New Year's resolution is to get my blogging back on track, so I'm starting tonight.  Blondie made her third pick this week, and after a heated after-midnight discussion with Champ and Wallflower (tentative nickname there) last Saturday, she went with the Flower Hotel location of Namaste.  There's another one near the top of the loop of Baga Toiruu, but enough people had been there that she went with this secondary location.
You can't have Indian without starters.  It's like a universal law, one that Newton somehow missed.  Since Blondie, Squeaker, Engrish and I got there early, we went ahead and had papdi chaat, which was one of Five's most favorite things (the holidays are upon us, and while I've got some kickass friends this year, I miss Five...and Domestic Goddess...and Lit......)  It looks like a big hot mess when it comes out (not pictured - it's tandoori chicken above), but this delicacy of chickpeas and a whole shload of sauces on...Indian chip thingies (I am actually not sure what to call them, obviously) a little crunchy and has a nice kick on it's tail end.
Geek always gets veggie pakora.  I'm not sure why you would want to go and ruin something healthy like veggies by deep frying it, but that seems to be her thing, in spite of being built like a pair of chopsticks.  Blondie and I have more sense - we went for the samosas.  Also basically fried vegetables, but the potatoes inside samosas aren't that healthy in the first place.
Squeaker went for - what was this, anyways?  Chicken pakora?  Let's call it popcorn chicken, because it was, more or less.  Except it was spicier, and that always gains points in my book.
Blondie and Squeaker also went for the biryani, although it was really for tomorrow's lunch, and they seemed pretty satisfied with it.  Everyone ordered a curry, too, and I was particularly happy with my chicken kadhai.  Blondie and I argued over whether her butter chicken or my kadhai was better, but I stand by my assertion that no dish without bell peppers can beat one WITH them.  She did garner a lot of 10's with her choice, but not enough to beat Khajuraho, so I remain the winner of Grub Club.  Go me.


  1. Hey, you know where they have really good Indian food?... India. You should check it out, but bring 5 and Engrish. Let's have a reunion!

    1. I. Love. That idea. Is there a time limit on it? Will I be welcome without them, or is it a package deal?