Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grub Club: Peeps Edition

Last year, I mentioned that my mom and her friends, known collectively as "the Peeps," have their own version of Grub Club - the Lunch Bunch.  It's more about getting together to gossip and eat than to gossip and try new restaurants (a subtle but important difference), but it still makes me happy to know that we're sorta doing the same thing.

Anyways, they meet up on Tuesdays, and this year I made it back for their special Christmas edition.  Every year, they go to a place in Bellevue, Nebraska, called the Summer Kitchen and exchange gifts.  It's no Butterfinger Pancakes (which I'm hoping to tell you about after the return portion of my trip to Korea), but after nearly deciding to get pancakes anyways, I went for their Santa Fe omelette, which was served with hash browns.  The omelette was delicious, and although I would have liked the hash browns to have more flavor, they were sufficiently un-potato like to be edible.
Babysister's mother-in-law had an omelette, too, but hers came with fruit.  What kind of horrible idea is it to eat fruit at breakfast?  Seriously - I've tried eating fruit for breakfast before - it seems like it would be perfect, but I'm always starving again an hour later.
And my mom went for the scrambled eggs and ham (I would not, could not, in a car, I would not, could not near or far!) and cinnamon roll.  I tried a bite of the cinnamon roll, but was not tempted in the least - having a Cinnabon in UB makes me impervious to at least that stateside temptation.

After breakfast came the gifts.  Some were crafty.  Some were covered in shit tons of glitter (a fact that I decided I could use to nefarious purposes after the fact by telling my mom's friends they had "something on your face" and then rubbing a glitter covered finger on their cheeks).  My mom's gift shows that she has the same propensity for evilness that I do, which is kind of alarming in spite of the fact that it is probably where I get it from.  She bought her friends a fan (for their hot flashes), a copy of "Magic Mike," and a tube of lube, among other things.  The Santa headbands they're wearing were also part of their gift.  I'm just glad she didn't buy them all the Fifty Shades trilogy, but then, they've all read it already.  Even my mom, which is the most disturbing thing of all.
Breakfast was followed by a movie - "The Delivery Man," which was a lot better than I was afraid of (I thought it was going to be one of those dumb-funny movies and was much more inclined to watch "The Hobbit," myself, but it turned out to be kind of sweet), and some shopping.  I'm glad that my mom has her Peeps.  Friends make a huge difference in how tenable it is to live in small-town Iowa, especially when they come laden with gossip (ask me about the fluids that were leaking down the wall in a space on the square that's being converted to a restaurant...I dare you).

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