Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grub Club: Joe's Corner

Squeaker picked Joe's Corner last week, when we were all broke.  Then we all got paid, but you know what?  Hot dogs are forever.  Also, a cheap meal is a great thing no matter how much money you've got.  Especially if you go buy a Mongolian pearl headdress at the State Department Store first.
Why did I need a pearl headdress?  Not that you need a reason, but if you do, there's the fact that next week we have a dress-up day for Tsagaan Sar, and since American "National Dress" is boring as hell, a girl could do worse than Mongolian.  I keep hoping that if I tell my students I won't judge them for their ugly buuz (Mongolian dumplings) one of them will invite me to their house for Tsagaan Sar.  It hasn't happened yet, but what can I say?  I'm an optimist.
Anyways - the food.  Joe's Corner is some incredibly tasty, yet simple, fare.  They serve a few other things - such as hot dogs (their wifi code is hotdogsforever) - but I have yet to get anything but the burger.  Usually I go for the double, but since today I killed some time in the state department store by mowing down on a Cinnabon, this time I went for the single.  Pretty much everyone had some variation on this - either a double, or a cheeseburger.  Engrish did too, but for some unfathomable reason she also ordered a salad.  The salad looked good, and she enjoyed it, but suggested next time she would ask for the dressing on the side, as it was a little too much dressing.

Joe's Corner is north from the State Department Store, up the street that has the Adidas.  Watch for the building on the left that has "TATTOO" painted on its wall, because you're going to have to duck behind there to find the best burger value for your money in UB.  It's a little tricky to find, but if you keep your eyes open, you'll find it.  After all, I did.

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