Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grub Club: German Doner

I recently had to explain to one of my students why I used to carry around Tabasco sauce in my purse: because it was really great on shawarma.  This prompted him to say, "Dude, since that movie (The Avengers) I've wanted to try it!  Is it good?"
Kid - you have no idea....
The good news is, he's got the chance to find out for himself.  Engrish picked the relatively new German Doner for grub club this week, which was a relief, since Blondie was going to make us go there on Saturday, and I was carrying a heavy bag of chocolate (ostensibly for my critiques this week, but really because I wanted the peanut butter cups inside).  If you've never traveled in the middle east you may be thinking, "Wait, weren't you just talking about shawarma, not doner kebab?"  If you HAVE, you realize that they're essentially the same thing - meat slow roasted on a rotating skewer and served in a wrap.  Also known as the food of the gods.

For the first time in recorded history, all Grubbies ordered the same thing - the chicken doner roll.  They had what they called "house meat" but none of us were brave enough to try it.  They also had a selection of greasy German foods (which is where the "German" in the name comes from, since doner is Turkish), but there was no question what we were going to have, and it was GOOD.  Geek wasn't impressed, but Engrish wrangled a trio of tens for the food, and it really did deserve it.  The ambiance...well, it was clean and comfy, but not, as I said, anywhere I'd take a hot date.*  Unless it was Valentine's Day and I wanted to say it with shawarma.

*The results of the ensuing conversation about where we would take a hot date?  Le Triskell.  Le Bistrot Francais.  Possibly the Ivy or Rosewood.  It's just as well that the eye candy leaves much to be desired, since a cafeteria serving buuz doesn't really put a girl in the mood for romance.

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