Thursday, February 20, 2014

Grub Club: Schmapplebee's

I've been working on a field trip for my darling 11th and 12th graders, and over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out if the Union of Mongolian Artists gallery would be open the day we were going (I'm lazy and I haven't learned much Mongolian and it SUCKS!)  They had been renovating, and I finally saw a banner outside that day, so Blondie and I went inside to investigate.  We looked around the gallery before heading out with a sad backward glance over our shoulders at Bangkok, where we would NOT be eating that night.  Instead, we were going to...a restaurant that I will not call by their given name due to reasons of copyright infringement.  Instead I'll call them Schmapplebee's.

Geek and Engrish walked past Schmapplebee's last week on their way to zee Germans.  Geek joked about taking us there this week, and then decided, "What the hell, why not?"  We were afraid.  We were very afraid.  Just because a restaurant calls themselves by the same name as a popular American chain restaurant doesn't mean it's going to be a comparable experience.  In fact, based on my years of traveling overseas, I would say that it's more likely to be a surefire way to get food poisoning.  But trying new things is part of the Grub Club charter, so - bitching and moaning - we went. 

The decor was American, alright, but it didn't exactly promise good things.  Not that it was bad - it just wasn't swanky, or anything at all like its namesake.  But when the food came out, we were definitely eating good in the neighborhood.  Blondie had the cobb salad pictured above, and it was delicious.  They even held the dressing like she asked for.
They had lots of delicious sounding dishes on the menu.  I was tempted by the Philly cheesesteak, which Champ ended up ordering (not pictured due to the fact that it was not a very flattering photo, and I didn't want an unflattering photo of my girl-crush going out into the wide world), but ended up deciding to give the chicken fajita roll a try, and fell in love.  It was juicy and flavorful and an all-around excellent choice.

On the whole we ended up being surprisingly satisfied with Schmapplebee's, and I had to apologize to Geek for doubting her genius.  Would I go back there again?  Absolutely, and considering it is just west of the State Department Store on Peace Avenue, I'm sure it will be regularly.  Although probably not soon - I've had Greek food on my mind because I'm teaching my sixth grade about Hellenistic architecture.  There's a very good chance I'll be making moussaka Sunday night....


  1. I should stop reading this blog it always makes me hungry

  2. Too bad someone doesn't start a restaurant club for you - like maybe an after-school activity? I mean, assuming you're a student, that is...