Monday, March 10, 2014

Grub Club: Round Table Pizza

I am such a lazy slacker that I'm typing this at nearly 2 in the morning Monday night.  By all rights I should be asleep, but I fell asleep early tonight reading a book, so I was just awake enough around midnight thirty to hear my phone when my friend messaged me on facebook, and now my brain is all fired up, thinking about how she might be here visiting this fall.  And since that's a good kind of excited, I can live with missing a little sleep.
Last week I might have made my non-resting bitch face when I got Squeaker's email saying that we would go to Round Table for Grub Club.  (And Blondie might have called me out on it in a separate email.)  I wasn't impressed.  We all know and love Round Table - it's the first number I think of when I don't feel like cooking and am too lazy to go into town for dinner - but it's not new and exciting fare.  Still, when Squeaker, Blondie, and I finished buying felt slippers and joined the others there, I was very happy to see they'd ordered some parmesan twists - not my favorite menu item, but still pretty tasty and by then I was starving.
I go through phases where I like different things on Round Table's menu.  If they ever start serving jalapenos on their pizza, that would change in a heartbeat, but for now, I'm loving the Italian garlic supreme.  I decided to go for the wee baby pizza, since I'd already stolen a parmesan twist and was having cinnamon twists for dessert.
Engrish, who is part rabbit, feasted on this delicious salad before turning her attention to a huge honking pizza, most of which went home as the next day's lunch.  I may have caught her double-fisting this and a parmesan twist, but the photo wasn't a very good one.

There's a moral to this story.  Even Squeaker was downplaying the fact that she took us to bloody Round Table (which is part of a chain in the states), but it was damned delicious.  Not a single one of us went home hungry or dissatisfied with what we ordered.  Was it as exciting as trying something new?  No.  Did she win points for her strategy?  Nope, but she got quite a few tens anyways.  Will I be happy for whatever new and interesting restaurant Champ picks this week?  Well, I'm ALWAYS excited about ANYTHING Champ picks, since she's my (and everyone else's) girl-crush, buuuuut I will be on my way to Shanghai for the ACAMIS conference, so it looks like I'm going to be missing Grub Club for the second time in recorded history.  So stay tuned for that this week instead.

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