Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Rider

On one hand, I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I've only taken my bike out three times since I bought it - taking it to church and back on Sundays.  On the other hand, considering everything else that I have going on, I'm glad that I've done that much.

Last summer I watched the first three seasons of The Walking Dead.  It made for a couple of very stressful weeks, and I began to wonder if this was good for my sanity when, on one of my walks to the store, I saw three Mongolian men shuffling up the sidewalk in clothes that looked a little worn and dirty, because it made my heart skip a beat and I had to review the difference between reality and fantasy.

Today on my ride to church I decided that if there ever IS a zombie apocalypse, a bike is the perfect form of transportation.  You don't need electricity or any sort of fossil fuel to operate it, and it's pretty quiet.  It is faster than a shuffling zombie horde, and although it offers you no protection if you are surrounded, you can swing a sword a lot more easily from a bike seat than inside a car.  Since tire patches and bike pumps will be one of the farthest things from anyone's mind when they are looting stores, you shouldn't have to worry about running out, and other than your tires, a bike will never break down unless you do, and if you break down, you've got bigger problems than transportation.  And if the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I hope it happens before I leave Mongolia, because you'd be hard pressed to find someplace as sparsely populated as here.  Once you got outside of UB, you'd have a lot of open grassland, through which you'd be able to see them coming a long way off.  And it makes me wonder what would happen to a walker in -30C weather?  Would it slow them down???

Now I just need to see about those archery lessons...

On my way home I decided I needed lunch.  Last Sunday I was tempted to stop for shashlik (skewers of freshly grilled meat) when I passed the park at the bottom of Zaisan.  This Sunday I gave in to temptation.  I've only been through there once - every other time I've climbed Zaisan I've gone up the back and taken a shortcut down the side.  I knew they had shashlik, but I had no idea it was a veritable meat lovers' paradise.  The smell alone could drive a carnivore crazy.  I chased my meat with a fat Ghirardelli brownie from Good Price's bake case (hey, in for a penny, in for a pound!)  It might not be the most exciting weekend on record, but with the reconnaissance I did for my ceramics lesson yesterday, it was pretty productive, and satisfying.

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  1. If you r talking about a zombies, -30C weather wouldn`t slow the them down. I think they dont have a blood. So, they would be running after you as fast as Usain Bolt.