Sunday, April 27, 2014

Grub Club: Cafe de Amor

If I ever need a drink in my life, it's the week of Junk2Punk, my school's recycled fashion show.  I have many good qualities as an art teacher, but I'm not exactly the most organized, and even when I start WAAAY ahead of time, it doesn't always work out the way I envision, even without a bunch of curveballs getting thrown into the mix.  However, my amazing students make it worth it, especially when it comes to that drink - the little snot-nosed brats bought me a 12 pack of my favorite, cherry coke, as well as a bouquet of flowers.  I couldn't possibly love them more.

Speaking of love, Blondie chose Cafe de Amor for grub club this week, a vegetarian restaura...err, well, let's call a spade a spade.  It was a coffee house.  They didn't have the widest selection of food, but hell, they had coke, and that's saying a lot more than the last vegetarian restaurant we went to.  (If this place hadn't had coke, I might have walked out, friends or no friends!)
Okay, so they didn't have the widest selection of food, but what they did have was tasty.  We were a little sketched out by the burgers at first, as they were sitting in the drink case, and when you bought one, the restaurant staff just popped them out and warmed them up.  Blondie and Engrish both liked theirs, though, and the bite that Champ begged off them convinced her that she needed one, too.
They also had a carrot soup, which didn't appeal to me in the least (thick soups?  Bleh.) but a couple of my grubbies tried it, and liked it.
Champ was a little disappointed in her bean salad.  There were, of course, some beans, but most of it was corn and peas, the latter of which she is definitely not a fan of.
Due to the aforementioned fashion show, I didn't eat all day, and I didn't quite make it to Grub Club.  Blondie and I stopped for drinks at Broadway - because after the puppet show the elementary went to she needed a beer as much as I needed a coke, and that was NOT on the menu at Cafe de Amor.  I also had an order of fries while we were there, which meant that no matter how delicious their spinach pasta was - and it was, in fact, so delicious that Wallflower (who shall hereafter be known as Miss Catwalk due to her mad runway skills) ended up eating this, in spite of the fact that she ordered the mushroom pasta - I couldn't finish it.

After sitting and chatting there for a good, long while - because it was a comfortable place and Blondie got good ratings on atmosphere for that - we decided to move the party elsewhere, because we were all fired up and not ready to go home.  We walked a block away in the blustery April evening, to Le Triskell, where it turned out that although I was too full to finish my pasta, there's always room for crepes.  It was a good choice, because all the Frenchies in the place meant that our loud, obnoxiousness was in good company.  It was really nice to let off some steam - we haven't all been together for a few weeks, and we were having a pretty good time.  Finally we paid up and headed out the door, where I found this little masterpiece - a nice way to end a stressful day.

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