Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Imma try something different on here just now, and write me some lyrical prose.

It was dusk in Tokyo.  After a couple of hours in my room at the ryokan my feet were rested, and it was too early to call it a night, so I went for a wander.  I didn't know where I was going, only where I'd been, so I headed eastwards.
I found myself on a hilltop, surrounded by walls.  A peek between the gates revealed that graves lay within the walls, though I couldn't go into most of these cemeteries; they were locked up for the night.

A soft wind was blowing, just enough to give a chill to the air.  The sun was just setting, and gave everything a sort of golden quality.  It was so quiet - no cars, very few people, mostly just me and the dead, who weren't saying anything.
I wandered along down these quiet streets, snapping a few photos and enjoying being truly alone rather than the false solitude I'd experienced since leaving my friends to their flight in Seoul.  I was just about to turn my tracks toward Ueno Park, where I'd sit down at my sushi restaurant, when I heard chanting floating down a new street.

It hung in the air, and I followed its trail to its source, which looked nothing like a temple but I supposed it was.  The electric lights from inside augmented the last fading light of day, seeming to pick up right where it left off.  They chased the chill out of the air, and feeling warmer, I wandered off in a new direction.
Where I found a Denny's.  Seriously, people - a Denny's???  Of all the restaurants to import from the States...  I did walk up and check out the menu, which had very little in common with a Denny's back home, although it smelled almost the same.  There was no sampler platter on the menu, so I wasn't tempted to abandon my sushi restaurant for it.

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