Thursday, June 12, 2014

Medieval Munchies

Grub Club is officially disbanded for the summer, but I've got one food post left in me before I head off into the's a little banquet put on by my rival for the 11th graders' affection called the Medieval Feast.  I spent the last month looking forward to it and trying to figure out what I could possibly wear that was sort of medieval.  Luckily one of the girls took my camera and snapped some pictures of the teachers.  I'm the second from the left, and although you can't see my long skirt or the belt that really made the outfit, I think I did pretty well!
Milady the Duchess of Gallifrey's herald...oh yes, we all had names.  I was the Princess Freedom of Justice (because apparently that's what we 'Muricans are known for), and I am happy to report that the only attendant of higher rank than myself was our principal.  The kids did everything - the food, the drinks, the entertainment, and yes, the titles, so I'm taking that to be a mark of their high esteem for me...possibly because I let them get away with murder.  Next year I plan to make them call me Princess.  Anyways, the herald announced each of the guests, who entered the banquet hall to be greeted with bows from the servants - which include a knight templar, a priest, and a serf (sorry, I don't remember the others).
Here you can see the Duchess, her herald, and one of her knights.  The serf was a lot of fun to tease - yea, he was a bit uppity, and I suggested that the Duchess give him a good fifty lashes, or mayhaps demote him to court jester.
I was pretty proud of my medieval dress until I saw what Mad Science came up with.  She was E____ of Arc, accompanied by faithful Patsy (complete with "coconuts") and she actually did it sounded like quite a bit of research into her armor and the undergarments that go with it before making the damn thing.  It made me sick with envy and at the same time gave me some ideas for the Halloween costume I decided to make for later this year.
The Duchess has shown them everything from Monty Python to a Knight's Tale to get them in the right mindset, and although some of the entertainment included traditional readings of Chaucer (including the bit in the Squire's Tale about our favorite pillager, Chinggis Khaan), My favorite was their performance of this courtly dance from Gelderland, accompanied by the mystical troubadour box which played a tune by Sir David of Bowie (oh yes they didst!)
But yea, verily I said this wast a food post, didn't I?  I should have been taking photos from the beginning but I only thought of it while I was working up the courage to try the main course.  Oh, we had a tangy delicious salad to start us off, and while I didn't care much for the soup I found the bread to be delicious.  We drank a sort of tea made from brewed apples, and then the main course came out.  I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but since I had never eaten it before, I figured there was no better time than the present, and with that first bite I knew it was liver.  It tasted exactly like cat food smells.  It didn't activate my gag reflex (which is saying a lot - raw broccoli activates my gag reflex!) but I could not get past that first bite.  It was followed shortly thereafter by an apple tart, though, and that was well worth the wait.

The Duchess was a little nervous - it is not easy to leave something this big completely in the hands of students, but if there were any students I'd give complete control to, it would be these guys (or the ones that have been my students this year, at any rate...they are fantastic).  I'd say I would miss them this summer, but honestly I think the summer will be over before I even fully realize I've left the country, and I BADLY need a break from the ones that I definitely WON'T miss.

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