Friday, November 28, 2014

Grub Club: London Pub

Yeah, yeah, I know I've been derelict in my duties.  Blame it on my Season and the fact that I haven't done anything very exciting lately - other than teaching, fundraising, and getting creative with the occasional morning announcement.  The changing of the guard, so to speak, has been harder on me this year than it has in many years, so even though it only got properly cold (and I mean that as a Mongolian now instead of someone from America's Heartland) this last week, I've been up and down for a couple of months now.  But time keeps marching on, so we've only got two weeks left til Christmas break, and I'm pretty sure eventually I'll make it out on the other side into spring.

TL; DR:  I'm depressed because it's winter, but eventually I'll get over it.

Two weeks ago was supposed to be Engrish's pick, but she had to keep up her celebrity status by visiting with friends from the UK.  Blondie, Champ, Lil' Miss Catwalk and I responded by visiting the UK via London Pub.  We've been there before, a few times by now, and originally it was one of Blondie's picks, back when we were trying and failing to get started again.  It's one of the better choices that opened up in Buddha Vista up here on the hill last spring.
That first time (and every time since) I ordered the...chicken sandwich thingy.  Sorry, I don't remember what it's actually called.  Succulent and savory, it's only flaw is the grilled outside.  I'm not a big fan of overly crunchy bread unless it's a crouton, but my chicken sammich is deeeelish.
Champ went for a burger.  For some reason, some sandwiches come with fries and others come with those Lincoln-log potatoes.  Apparently they still tasted good, but were too much potato for me. 
And these were definitely too much!  Who purposely orders something like this?  My friends, that's who.  These are the jacket potatoes.  They seem exactly like something the British would come up with.
Finally, there was Blondie's pizza.  I'm always wary of pub pizza, particularly in Mongolia where we don't understand that spam is not pepperoni.  However, Blondie's margherita pizza had a light tender crust and was just oozing with cheese - in short, it was a little slice of Italy. 

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