Saturday, December 13, 2014

Grub Club: The Town

Thanks to my superb procrastinating skills and the fact that school strangely seems to just keep getting hellabusier, I'm sitting here in the Sunae Starbucks writing you about a meal I enjoyed over a month ago.  For those of you who haven't just picked up on the fact that there are no Starbucks in Mongolia, Sunae is in Bundang, South Korea, my old digs, yo.  I got in at around 9 last night, took the bus over roads so smooth they seem as though they shouldn't exist down to the 'Dang and walked through a night that can barely be called chilly to the sauna that has become "mine," got all clean, and slept (sorta...there's a limit to how much actual sleep one can get staying in a sauna, but I pretended for about six hours, at any rate).  This morning I enjoyed a stroll through the clean morning air and ate breakfast at Macca's before deciding I needed a frappuccino (mostly because McDonald's was too cold).  When I finish this post, Imma go find myself a pay phone and see if I can rouse my Dark Lord and Master.  Life is good.
But back to Mongolia.  Just a little to the west of the circus, beyond Tsuki House but before you get to Merkuri, is a little gem of a restaurant called The Town.  Engrish had read good reviews of it on UB Foodies, and we actually tried to go before, but they were closed for a private party.  This time, though, we had great success.
Engrish got pretty high marks for this one.  The soups were soupy, the salads, saladry.  If my high school AP Lit teacher, Drim, was reading this one, she could use her "Bullshit!" stamp about now.  The food was delicious, but c'mon guys - it's been like a month since we ate there, and since I don't often eat soups or salads, and we're not all sharesies like we were back in the day, I've got nothin'.
I can tell you about this one, though, because it was mine.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and try their burrito, with amazing results.  I'm not sure about the salad that came with it.  It was fresh and tasty, but had a slight sweetness to it that didn't jive with my expectations for a suitable side to go with my burrito.  However, the burrito itself was fantastic!  The flavors were spot on, and the side of salsa was nice and spicy!
The ambience was nice - it had a sort of European cafe feel - but I didn't give it super high marks in that category.  The lighting could be better - I was sitting in the hot seat, as it were, and felt like I was being interrogated over the course of my dinner.  However, for that burrito, I kind of feel like it was worth it.

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